Twice this week we have been asked to remove broken keys from customers' locks. Both locks were euro cylinders on UPVC doors. At the first job the key had snapped when the customer came home from a night out, their friend had then suggested hammering a screwdriver into the keyway of the lock in order to apply more force to open the door. This had not worked but it had completely mangled the lock meaning that the broken key could not be removed and even if it could another key would not have fitted into the lock. This meant that the lock had to be replaced at greater cost then necessary to the customer. At the second job the customer's key had snapped as they were locking up on their way out. The door was locked so after removing the broken key and opening the lock the customer could use their spare key. So if your key snaps then call us rather using a screwdriver as it will be cheaper and less hassle. See all of our wakefield locksmith services.