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 Anti snap and snap safe locks in Wakefield

Lock snapping is the latest method used by burglars as it is quick and easy and needs no special tools. This technique is commonly used by burglars in the Wakefield area. If you have a UPVC or composite door then the Euro cylinder (see picture on right) that locks the door has a weakness that allows it to be easily broken with freely available tools and little skill. These locks are also sometimes fitted to timber doors. The whole process takes  less than one minute and makes very little noise. Once this has been done the thief simply unlocks the door and opens it using the handle. It does not matter how many hooks, bolts etc. are on your lock once the thief snaps the lock they are useless. Police in West Yorkshire have released figures showing that  lock snapping is by far the most common method used by burglars. 

Standard euro cylinder
Snapped lock

Here is what happens when a lock is snapped. You can see how the broken pieces can be removed from the door allowing it to be unlocked and opened very easily. You can prevent this happening to you by having a locksmith fit high security anti snap or snap safe locks to your UPVC or composite door in Wakefield.

The latest locks now provide a greater level of security than ever at a reasonable cost to the homeowner. These locks are known as snap safe locks or anti snap locks. Anti snap locks are designed so that they cannot be snapped. Snap safe locks are designed to remain locked even if they are snapped. These locks are also resistant to picking, drilling and bumping. These locks all meet the relevant British Standard and are recommended by the police. Below are some examples of the locks we supply. 

Avocet ABS snap safe lock
Cisa anti snap lock


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By Kevin Readman